Kabonyo Fish Farm


The Kabonyo Fish Farm is located in Nyando District, Nyanza Province, on the eastern shores of L. Victoria near the West Kano Rice irrigation Paddies. This is a government farm which was proposed for development in 1980 to serve the Western Kenya fish farming and development needs, and also to act as a fish farming training centre for the region.

Land for the Project and Project Cost

The Government acquired 200 hectares of land from the local community through a Gazette notice number 3460 of 1st November 1982. The previous owners of the land were compensated on schedule as per the then Government Valuation Officer’s report. The Bill of Quantities of the Project was intended to end in 1988/89 fiscal year at a cost of Kenya Shillings Ninety Three Million (Kshs. 93,000,000.00).

Proposed Development Works

The initial plan of the government was to develop fisheries hatcheries, breeding ponds, a fish feed mill/store, and turn 19 Ha of the land into fish pond units for fish production. Several infrastructure developments including a training facility, administration block, library, workshop and a guest house were to be built.

Suitability of the site was conducted by experts from FAO/UNDP/Government in 1980. Thereafter, the World Bank allocated a loan of USD 1 Million for development of 25 Ha of the available land into fish farming facilities. This process was however discontinued after several years of support by FAO/UNDP/World Bank. The project failed due to un-assessed technical issues such as water sourcing and resistance from the local community.

The government has embarked on reviving the station to ensure the earlier set objectives are met based on current aquaculture trends.