About us

It was started in 1948 with the effort of Dr. Vans Someren, a biologist, as Sagana Fish Culture Farm for warm water fish fingerlings production.

It lies 105 km north-east of Nairobi in Sagana township, Kirinyaga County. The actual site is about 2 km outside Sagana Township.

The NARDTC-Sagana farm expanse is 146.7 acres in two parcels. River Ragati divides the NARDTC Sagana land into eastern and western portions. The eastern portion is about 45 hectares almost level and within it are the major facilities of NARDTC - Sagana. The western part is (about 5 hectares) start with a gentle slope from the river and abruptly changes to a steep slope which end as a dome shaped hill where senior staff quarters and guest houses are located.