trainingThe National Aquaculture Research, Development and Training Centre (NARDTC)-Sagana provides general and specialized aquaculture technical information. Successful information dissemination is done through simple field lectures, structured lectures including practicals and attachment for farmers, middle level college students and all levels of university students. The institution has enough lecture rooms, well furnished laboratories, boarding facilities and laundry services. Students will have free access to library and internet services while undertaking their training.

Various trainings are offered at the Center. These include;

Introduction to Aquaculture given on demand to middle-level college students, universities students and organized farmer groups upon which a certificate is awarded. Areas covered at various levels of training are;
1. Culture systems engineering and management
2. Broodstock management
3. Seed production and Management
4. Feed health and nutrition
5. Fish genetics
6. Fish products and Value addition
7. Aquaculture economics